Recruit workers

A, 10 regional manager

1. Gender: male, age: 20-40 years old

2. Education background: the field of professional, college degree or above in marketing or related.

3. Working experience: with more than one year sales experience or the field of industry experience is preferred.

4. The knowledge and skills: can be familiar with the industry and the development of the company dynamic, familiar with the company's core products, product characteristics, the development trend of the advantage of competition strategy and competitor products.

5. Responsible for the investment to the market and customer maintenance, complete the company issued a month of merchants.

6. Able to bear hardships and stand hard work, adapt to business trip, have certain communication skills and language ability, good team cooperation spirit and certain marketing concept and market pioneering spirit.

Second, guide market service department trainer for three

1, gender: female, age 20 to 35 years old

2, has the certain affinity, language expression ability.

3, after training mount guard around the shop assistants to product knowledge and sales skills training guidance.

4, bear hardships and stand hard work, can adapt to travel.

5, there is a certain terminal sales experience or training experience is preferred

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