Canvass business

Franchisees HaoEr brand, and be able to consciously perform HaoEr management regulations of the company.

Franchisees can understand HaoEr company marketing policy and active maintenance and promotion HaoEr brand, improve HaoEr visibility and reputation of the company brand image.

Napa stores must be conducted in accordance with the requirements of the HaoEr company store design, decoration, sample layout; Inside and outside decorates a style and logo, signs, etc shall be in accordance with HaoEr VI standards of the company.

Joining trader has certain kinds of product market sales experience, sales network is preferred).

Joining trader must perform HaoEr products price system, to ensure that the market healthy and orderly development.

Join the advantage

Resolutely implement the quality as the core of all kinds of various management systems, the industry took the lead through the ISO9001-2000 quality system certification, quality assured by relevant state departments, the national standard of qualified products, green environmental protection product. Don't, people always adhere to the "quality is the starting point of enterprise dignity, is the starting point of respect for the customer" the quality of the product concept.

(2) production advantage

Introduces the domestic and foreign advanced production equipment, the strict careful management, according to the change of the market, timely adjust production, real problem solving for the general customers.

(3) the regional distribution

Specification area distribution, to protect the interests of dealers and consumers, to guide the dealer management and market development, standardize the market management.

(4) the brand advantage

Huge media advertising, and HaoEr branding consciousness ahead of his time. Company store management, unified image of the country for the brand promotion of national unity, for the majority of dealers to provide the market confidence.

(5) credibility advantage

With commitment is gold of faith, and constantly improve the quality of products and services, constantly to meet the needs of customers.

(6) innovation advantage

The company has a highly qualified r&d team, outstanding research and development of productive and incentive mechanism, superman is better design, distinctive products, always lead the consumption idea of users; For the success of the franchisees, dealers and auxiliary flat road, the more established their own unique style of products in the market and brand image. The fast pace of original design for product updates and most robust operation of advancing the market opens up a path.

(7) service advantages

Perfect pre-sale, sale, after-sales service system, for the dealer, the users with the "three heart" safeguard, buy felt relieved, with peace of mind, have confidence in us. With the "three heart" criterion, HaoEr people are for the new peak climbing into.

Advanced management concept, advanced marketing mode, perfect rules and regulations, in order to "so palatable, struggling with" development strategy, in the fierce market competition, forever invincible position.

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